Comedians that I like

Here is a list of some comedians that I like with links to their websites (if they have one) and Twitter profiles (again, if they have them).

Elf Lyons – Have you seen Elf Lyons? No? Stop what you’re doing and go and see Elf Lyons, for two reasons. One, she is annoyingly talented and she will make you laugh your bones out from underneath your flesh. Two, if you go to one of her gigs and then talk to her, you will make a new friend. Her website is here and her Twitter is @elf_lyons.

Joe Hart – Joe is from the same county as me. So, there’s that. Also, he’s managed to write an entire hour long show revolving around apples, a feat that is to be lauded. His flash as fuck website is here and you can find him on Twitter @JoeHart.

Eleanor Curry – Way too young to be so funny. She’s only bloody 20 (or something). We are in a book group together. Does stuff about how people in the past were bloody stupid (and they absolutely were). Has neither a website nor an active Twitter.

Alexander Bennett – Your Beloved Alexander Bennett. Host extrordinaire of the superb ‘This Is Not A Cult’ (first Tuesday of the month at Camden Comedy Club) and winner of my award for ‘Man who is 21 who I definitely thought was older than 21 (maybe it’s the beard?)’. Lovely gentleman, who tweets from @alexybennett.

Grainne Maguire – Taught me everything I know. The best teacher I’ve ever had and a bloody hoot to boot. She was on your telly box on Comedy Central’s ‘Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience”, RTE’s “The Year That’s In It”,  and came into your ears on BBC 3′s Free Speech, Radio 5 Live’s “Seven Day Sunday” & “Hit List”, Radio 4’s “The Now Show” “Stephen K  Amos’ An Idiots Guide” “Front Row” and “Women’s Hour”. Has also written for Channel Four’s “ Eight Out of Ten Cats” and Radio 4’s “News Quiz” “Ayres on Air” “Listomania” “Dead Ringers” “Dilemna” “The Now Show” and “NewsJack”. Does a brilliant comedy writing course, more about which you can find on her website here. She tweets from @GrainneMaguire

The Story Beast – One quarter of the absurdist sketch comedy brilliance that was ‘The Beta Males’, the Story Beast is a tour de force of faux-medieval English readings of Beowulf (with Beowulf voiced by Ray Winstone) and other unsettling things. Has no website but tweets from @TheStoryBeast.

Faye Treacy – I had the absolute pleasure of performing with Faye at the Isle of Wight Festival. She’s brilliant and honest on stage and a fabulous person off stage. Does things with a squash and a carrot that you didn’t think possible. Musical Comedy Awards Best Newcomer 2014. Tweets from @FayeTreacy.

Joz Norris – I once had a nice conversation with Joz about which Tom Waits album is the best and the respective virtues of Tom Waits and Neil Young. Infectious and silly, he’s going places. I’ve yet to decide whether these places are ‘comedy stardom and all its trappings’ or ‘a series of increasingly brutal psychiatric institutions’ but, whichever of those two it is, Joz is definitely going there. He has an Internet and tweets as @JozNorris

Tamar Broadbent – Gloriously witty and possessing a beautiful voice, Tamar produces delightful satirical songs from behind her keyboard. Her song ‘Patrick’ was featured on Radio 4’s ‘Fresh from the Fringe’ in 2014. Tweets here and has a lovely website.

Pierre Novellie – Pierre Novellie is not French, despite his name. He likes to make that abundantly clear. Born in South Africa, raised on the Isle of Man, educated at Cambridge, he is going to be a massive star. Find him on Twitter @PierreNovellie