About Sam

Sam Dodgin is a stand up comedian of limited repute who performs gigs around the London area (and occasionally in his home town of Aylesbury. And once in Milton Keynes. But we don’t talk about that).

(Basically, it was a gong show and the room was half filled with people who worked for the police and it turns out that their favourite style of comedy was not ‘middle-class twenty-something bores on about signs for 5 minutes’.)

He once got bitten by a dog whilst eating a sandwich. As a result, he is now afraid of both dogs and coronation chicken.

Sam reached the semi-finals of ‘So You Think You’re Funny?’ 2014 and continues to act like this was some kind of a big deal. He has also performed at the Isle of Wight music festival.

He does a pretty decent impression of how a faun walks.

“Sam Dodgin has a charming and unique cadence that sets him apart from other comics on the circuit. Funny & well observed, Sam is a modern day flaneur’ – The Secret Comedians

You can follow Sam on Twitter and Instagram.