Adorable red pandas who want to be your friend

I got some less than good news yesterday so I spent the evening looking at the Google image search results for the term ‘red panda’ because it is the easiest way to make yourself feel better if you’re feeling a bit grotty.

My finds inspired this post – Adorable red pandas who want to be your friend

1. Look at this little guy! They’re so pleased to see you!


2. This fella, who thinks the story you just finished telling was really great!index

3. This little buddy thought you weren’t going to make it to the party and is SO EXCITED you came!


4. The little legend absolutely loved the birthday cake you made!


5. This little dude saw you coming from a distance and couldn’t contain their excitement!


6. This friend has heard you were in trouble and is rushing to your aide because you are their best friend


7. This guy is wistfully reminiscing of all the good times you shared


8. This fella is pondering the meaning of life in a godless universe


9. In all seriousness, can someone please domesticate red pandas




That is all


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