Isle of Wight Festival

As I sit and write this I have just returned from a lovely 5 days on the Isle of Wight – the UK’s smallest ceremonial county (for the 50% of the year when the tides are up). I went out there with Elf Lyons, Faye Treacy, Joe Hart and Tamar Broadbent to bring some comedy to the festival and, while it wasn’t all plain sailing and smooth, I think we succeeded.

I must confess to not being the biggest fan of music festivals – the concept of them is fundamentally sound (I love pop music and fields) but the problems for me come in the implementation. I’m not a practical man and I have grown used to a certain level of comfort in my life. Therefore, if you ask me to camp, you’re putting me through a very private version of hell. Also, I get very frustrated by people a lot of the time and find being in close proximity to 70,000 of them at once to be very hard work.

That being said, as I intimated above, I had a beautiful¬†time there. I made some fabulous new friends, Faye in particular is such a lovely soul and I got to sit in an artist’s only bar and feel really cool.

Of course, people go to the festival things for the music, so below are my reviews of the bands I saw over the 5 days I was there

Billy Idol – In great shape for a man of his age. Like, in really great shape. At one point, he curled his guns and it blew my mind, I’m not particularly au fait with his music but I think there are even amoeba’s that know Rebel Yell and White Wedding. However, he didn’t finish with White Wedding, which I think would have topped the gig off really well. However, overall good.

The Prodigy – I went with Tamar to see them. It was pissing down with rain. I got coated in mud. It was the stereotypical festival experience. They are very loud.

James – Play the hits, Tim Booth, lead singer from James. I know, you’ve just released a new album after a long hiatus. But no-one here has listened to that. They don’t know who you are. I actually quite like your band and even I haven’t listened to it. Play Sit Down. People know that song.

Pharrell Williams – At one point he said ‘Everyone point to the sky for Jimi’, referencing Jimi Hendrix’s legendary performance at the inaugural 1970 Isle of Wight festival and I couldn’t help but imagine that Jimi was looking down on this island but didn’t understand the context of the situation and was therefore just thinking ‘Why is everyone pointing at me?’

Blur – See James. Play the hits, Albarn. The stuff you’ve made from Think Tank onwards, while it has been very good, does not have the festival vibe. Everyone knows the words to Country House. Play Country House.

Fleetwood Mac – This sadly clashed with our gig so we missed them do ‘The Chain’. Stevie Nicks’ voice seemed a bit strained but I can now actually say that I have seen the Mac live.

So that was fun! I have a gig on Wednesday night at the Waterpoet, just off Bishopsgate, near Liverpool Street. I am then looking for other gigs. I have updated the acts on the ‘Comedians that I like’ page.

Peace and love.

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