I have joined the internet

I saw my friend Elf Lyons yesterday for lunch. In between writing parliamentary erotica and looking at clocks in the British Museum (guys, they have some really brilliant clocks in the British Museum), she said to me that I needed a website.

‘I try to big you up to people,’ the tall, red headed beauty informed me, ‘but there’s nowhere online for people to find out about you.’

So here we are – which is also the title of a superb song on Bloc Party’s debut album Silent Alarm, which I was perturbed to learn was released a full ten years ago. Time, eh? It just passes and before you know it, your knees have gone and you’ve got chronic scrofula.

Anyway, this is my website. It has sections about me, telling you when you can next catch me performing (I will try to keep this up to date), a list of comedians who I like (again, will try to update), this blog (the most self serving and narcissistic of all pages on a site. I will try to update this at least once a week), a page with recording of gigs I’ve done and a contact page, which you can use to either hurl abuse at me or hurl yourself prostrate at my feet and praise my very existence. Your choice.

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